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December 23, 2013by admin

2,279 calories — 109 grams of fat
1 cup eggnog
4 oz. turkey, dark meat with gravy
1 cup cornbread stuffing with gravy
½ cup green bean casserole
½ cup candied sweet potatoes
1 butter flaked roll with 1 Tbsp. butter
½ cup cranberry orange relish
1/6 pecan pie with whipped cream

Your Makeover Dinner Plan
1,369 calories — 32 grams of fat
1 4-oz. glass white wine or sparkling cider
4 oz. turkey, white meat with gravy
½ cup cornbread stuffing
1 cup sautéed green beans sprinkled with parmesan cheese and lemon
½ cup candied sweet potatoes
1 dinner roll with 1 tsp. butter
½ cup cranberry orange relish
1/6 pumpkin pie


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