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Get to know Taste Haven. On this page, you can view on how to start on #TasteHaven and get answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you are looking, we encourage you to contact using the chat feature on our website, emailing our customer care team at info@tastehaven.com, or calling us at 631-750-6410.

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Choose Your Plan

Subscribe to a Taste Haven meal plan of your choice. Fresh delicious meals will be delivered to your door every week. Make your meal selections easily each week and you can easily skip a week at any time. You're in total control of your plan.

"I really appreciate how helpful Taste Haven's service have been to me. I can easily put my meals on hold, when I'm traveling and get right back on track when I return. It works great for me!"

Choose Your Meal & Reheat

Open your bag and place all meal of your meals in the refrigerator. When ready to eat, take out and reheat in your microwave or toaster oven. It's that simple!

We believe in real food that’s fresh, Organic & flavorful. We believe eating well should be healthy, delicious, and affordable. We believe in cooking from scratch with whole ingredients, wild caught fish & Organic meats & seasonal produce. We believe where our food comes from makes a difference, so we build relationships with strive for local ingredients. We believe in connecting with our customers, and our community for good healthy lifestyles.

Frequently Asked Questions