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Taste Haven nutritionally tailored meals. RX Meals Connecting Food & Health Care.

Doctors, nurses and nutritionists have been recommending Taste Haven for years now. We know that what you eat can make a big difference in your health. Our meals are carefully designed to help prevent, improve and promote a healthier lifestyle.

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We support you in your overall good health journey.

  • Meals to help prevent & maintain overall good health.

    Many chronic illnesses can be controlled, in part, by smart nutrition choices. It’s far cheaper to make lifestyle changes related to the chronic condition and keep it under control - or even reverse it. You choose the meals that have nutrients tailored towards your needs (low sodium if you're trying to manage heart problems), low carbs for diabetes management, plant based options for those who need healthy cholesterol levels)

  • No cooking or prep needed! Meals are delivered to your door fully prepared.

    We've got you covered with a wide variety of delicious, nutritious and ready-to-eat meals! Whatever food you're craving –we've got it covered. Our fresh ingredients are sourced locally and delivered right to your door so they stay as crisp and flavourful as possible for that perfect home cooked taste.


    We offer a variety of single-portioned dishes at the A La Carte Menu.

    All our dishes are made with nourishing, high quality ingredients and that will satisfy your taste buds! You can order a main dish as well as side dishes and soups at the menu. All these meals have been balanced out so they're not too large or small - just right for every appetite.

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    The tasteful and most convenient way of managing diabetes through proper nutrition.

    This plan is good for pre-diabetic patients and others who want to avoid spike their blood sugar levels. It includes meals with no or low added sugars, high glycemic vegetables and complex carbs that are satiating - so you won't be hungry again in a few hours.


    Made with all natural, lean ingredients to support good health.

    You will enjoy our low sodium, heart healthy meals, which has under 500mg of salt per 12oz serving size (cooked food weight). This is perfect for those with high blood pressure and many cardiac conditions.


Meals for Senior individuals and Care Givers

Whether you're ordering for yourself or a loved one, we take care of you as if you were part of our family. Every meal we make is made with love and care for each customer.

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