Let's Get Started

Don't know where to begin, we got you covered, its easy as 1,2,3.

  • Step One

    Choose your meals from our diverse weekly menu. Dietician designed and chef created

  • Step Two

    We fully prepare your food with fresh premium ingredients. No more prepping or sink full of dishes

  • Step Three

    Microwave for 2 minutes or heat in an oven proof dish at 375 for 10 minutes

What Are People Saying About Us

We are happy if you are satisfied with our food. Read unfiltered reviews from our customers.

Chloe G.

My husband and I have been using Taste Haven for over eight years.  I love the quality and variety of the food. I lost 34 lbs, and still use their service because I love it and I have no time to cook. I recommend Taste Haven to my clients.

Maggie S.

I have been using Taste Haven's delivery program for some time and have been happy with the quality of food. The food is tasty and well prepared and, of course, has the advantage of being nearly entirely organic. Customer service is exceptional. I have lost over 40 lbs eating Taste Haven's food! Bottom line: good food, good service, reasonable prices and you will lose weight!

Jackie M.

So far this is the best meal delivery service I have tried. I just heat my food  and it’s delicious, and healthy.  I initially ordered because they’re local and I have to say I am absolutely loving it. It's been great to have  healthy meals ready in my refrigerator during the week and not have to worry about cooking. "I'm extremely happy"


Your food and customer service are excellent in every way, and I just wanted to express how happy I am with your service.  I love the food and  I am so happy that you deliver to my area.

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