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Locally Sourced & Globally Inspired Menu

We use local & organic salads, produce, poultry & grass fed meats. We appreciate the impact and benefits of organic & locally grown foods.
Which is why we choose to use organic products in our meals & source from local farms whenever possible.
Here's a list of some local farms we love & support.

HEPWORTH FARMS, MILTON, NY. Family-Owned Organic Farm.

"Responsible sourcing means fresher, higher-quality, more nutrient-dense ingredients. The fact that it also supports the local community and creates a healthier, more sustainable food future makes it a no-brainer."

About Taste Haven's Team

Founded in 2009 and based in Long Island, New York. Taste Haven is a meal delivery service that provides healthy fully cooked fresh meals to homes in Long Island. Each meal is fully cooked by chefs and comes pre-portioned and easy-to-use, just heat and enjoy. Taste Haven saves time by supplying healthy delicious meals at home, no matter how busy you are.

Our Story

In a world of easy to find processed foods. Many of us are feeling down, tired, fatigued, gave up trying to improve our bodies & health. We strive look for places to make us feel better, give us more energy and enthusiasm about the way we look & feel. That is why we created Taste Haven, to make a tasty, nutritious meals easily available for ourselves, our families & our communities.

"Getting Healthy Is Why ".

That’s why we created Taste Haven. As a busy mom, our founder Faye searched for a meal solution that would help her family eat better, make it convenient & remove the need to compromise on nutrition. She stumbled on a centrally local commercial kitchen that will easily serve her community that she love. Excited about this, in 2009 she retired from health care & started it in another form, "food for healthy living" known as Taste Haven.

Why Taste Haven?

We’ve designed our menu with seasonal wholesome ingredients and jazzed up with global flavors.
We’ll help you make the best choice without sabotaging your need for flavorful foods. At Taste Haven, we make healthy versions of your favorite foods tastier. Feeling tired of eating badly? Get started with one of our meal plans and make room in your refrigerator for Taste Haven's delicious healthy meals! .

Taste Haven, it feels good to eat better.

The Taste Haven's Way

Local Farmer Pledge

We Pledge to support local farmers as much as possible. Our team buyers strive to purchase fresh, local organic & responsible farmers products whenever they are available. Join our Local Pledge today.