Questions and Answers

We’re here to help you get answers to any question you may have about Taste Haven. Below is a list of some of our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, we encourage you to reach out to us using the chat feature on our website, emailing our customer care team at, or calling us at631-750-6410


Can I choose or customize my meals?

Yes, you can! We offer many plans that are updated by our chefs on a regular basis.

How many portions are your meals?

Right now, all our meals are single serving and mean't to feed one person.
We do not offer family-sized meals at the moment.  Our largest meal plan includes 21 meals, but ordering  multiple accounts lets you mix and match plans to feed your family. 

Where do I find the expiration date on my meals?

Since we don’t use artificial or chemical preservatives, the meals have a refrigerated shelf life of about 3-5 days.

Even though our meals taste best when eaten fresh, you can freeze them if you can’t get to them by 3-5 days. You simply need to add a couple of minutes to the heating time and reheat from frozen, without thawing. We recommend confirming that the food is reheated to 165 degrees, the same as reheating from fresh.

Do you deliver fully cooked meals or ingredients?

Our meals will be fully cooked and ready to eat when you receive them. The only thing you may want to do is heat  your meals for about 2 minutes and enjoy.

What if my meal is unavailable after I ordered it?

If our culinary center is unable to produce a meal for a variety of reasons. Should this happen, we want to make sure you are taken care of, we will do our best to choose a similar dish as a replacement

What's The Difference Between "One Time Orders" and Subscriptions?

With one time order you will only receive your order once and be charged once. You will have to re-order when you would like more food. When ordering a subscription you will get your order every week and charged every week until you cancel your subscription. This takes the hassle out of having to order every week. The process is automated for you.

Do I Need To Become A Registered User To Order?

Yes, at this time you will need to become a registered user in order to able to order from the site. Becoming a Registered User saves you the time from having to re-enter your information next time you place an order, which makes it more convenient for you.

How does billing work?How does billing work?

Pause, put your plan on hold or cancel easily. You can skip a week, pause or cancel anytime as long as you notify us by Wednesday, the week prior. Log In to your account and manage your subscription

Can I just order one delivery of meals and nothing more?

Sure. You will be given the option to have a one-time purchase when you checkout.  If you stick with subscription, you will save . You also do have the option to pause/delay your plan.

What if I want to restart service after a break?

We’ll be super excited to see you again. When you’re ready to restart, all you have to do is place an order, of course, and leave your previous cooler bag and ice packs outside the door on the day of your delivery.

When will my card be charged and how does payment work?

Your card will be charged immediately following your transaction. Subscribers, your card will be charged on Thursdays once your order renews.

How Much Do You Charge For Delivery?

We charge $9.95 for local home delivery.

How much Do You Charge for Pickup?

There is no charge for pickup.  Just come to our store located at 3916 Merrick  Rd, Seaford.

When & where do you deliver?

We currently deliver to Nassau & Suffolk county.  We make deliveries overnight on Tuesday and Friday’s. Your meals will be delivered between 8pm -6am. We also offer more frequent pick up option. Keep an eye out as we continue to expand both with stores and delivery!

How do you keep the meals fresh during delivery?

We ship your entrees in insulated, stylish echo friendly packaging that keeps the food cool (and the planet happy). When you get your bag, simply unload and place your meals directly in the refrigerator.

How does your delivery work?

Simply, enter your delivery address, choose your plan, select your meals, choose your delivery options, and place your order online. Whatever you do though, don’t forget to enter any gate codes/access instructions/suite numbers/ floor numbers so we don’t get locked out.

What are the cutoff dates and times for ordering/making changes to my order?

The cutoff times will be Wednesday the week before at 11:59 p.m for the following week’s orders. We’re busy planning and working on your plan, so no changes/refunds will be permitted after this time, since the order will be sent for planning and preparation with our culinary team.

What do I do with my cooler bag?

Please make sure you leave your empty cooler bag and ice packs outside of your door before receiving your next delivery. That way our drivers can pick up the bag and replace it with a fresh one with new, awesome food and cold ice packs. You own the bag at the end of program, so please use it.

What if I forget to leave my bag out?

If you forget to put your empty bag and ice packs out the night before your delivery, please make sure to do so on your next delivery. Customers should never have more than 2 bags in their possession at any time during enrollment. Customers having more than 2 bags in their possession at any given time will automatically be charged a weekly $10 per bag fee until all bags are returned.

Do I need to be home to accept my delivery?

No, you do not have to be home. Our insulated bags are designed to keep your meals cool and fresh for hours, so it will be patiently waiting for you. Keep an eye out as we continue to expand both with stores and delivery!

What is the shelf life on your meal items, how do I know when I cannot eat them any longer?

Our food has a shelf life of 4-5 days depending on the item. We’re all about Organic, natural, wholesome ingredients so our food has no preservatives or additives to preserve them past that date.

Can I freeze my Items?

If you want your food items to last longer than 5 days, then you put them in the freezer. Just put them in the fridge the night before you are going to eat them to thaw them out. Food in freezer will stay "fresh" for weeks.

How Do I Heat My Items?

Our items are made for convenience so just put them in the microwave for 2 minutes and you'll be good to go.

Can you accommodate special diets?

We are able to accommodate a variety of dietary preferences and our entire menu is designed low glycemic and low sodium. Additionally, we allow you to filter out ingredients such as wheat, dairy, beef, fish, eggs & pork. Our menu also changes weekly and we have 100s of entrees on a revolving, seasonal menu. Working around many allergies and dietary preferences is something we are able to accommodate.

What about allergies?

We prepare our food in a facility that handles nuts, gluten, dairy, shellfish and other common food allergens. If you have a severe food allergy, we cannot serve you. Please contact Customer Service if you have any questions regarding this warning.

What makes your food ingredients higher quality compare to other meal delivery services?

We focus on the cleanest supply chain of ingredients that are  Organic, free of hormones and additives. The quality and integrity of each one of our products is of the utmost importance to us. We’re so obsessed with it that we research every ingredient, visit local farms and suppliers before deciding to purchase these items for our recipes.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We are committed to preparing our meals with the highest quality food. We are proud to support ethical, Local family and Organic farmers that care.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We are committed to preparing our meals with the highest quality food. We are proud to support ethical, Local family Organic farmers that care.

What type of food do you offer?

We design our meals with your good health in mind. We rotate through hundreds of meals with global cuisines, which are prepared from scratch by our amazing team of chefs using the best ingredients such as grass-fed & organic proteins, seasonal organic produce and heart-healthy fats. We will never use trans fats or artificial additives.

Are the meals appropriate for diabetics?

Yes, our meals are diabetic friendly, in that they are complex carbohydrate, limited amount of carbs, high fiber, balance of protein and carbs which breaks down slower through your system and means that our meals do not cause a quick spike in blood sugar like other types of meals.

When are my meals prepared?

Our meals are prepared fresh, the same day or 1 day before they arrive on your doorstep. We do this to ensure maximum freshness.

How does the subscription work?

Once you sign up for your subscription, you’ll get a weekly delivery of your chosen meals unless you choose to skip a week or cancel your subscription.

  • You’re in control of your subscription. You can make decisions about deliveries up to 1 week in advance. 
  • It’s easy to skip a week at any time. Going out of town? No problem. It just takes the click of a button to skip a week.
  • Since there’s so much planning involved with shipping fresh meals every week, we need 5–6 days before your order goes out to make sure everything gets to you in tip-top shape.
  • We use the meals you choose when you sign up as a starting point for your future orders (when you make changes, you can set a new default menu). Since we add a new meal every week and sometimes phase out meals, make sure that every week is personalized to your needs.

Do you use Organic/Non-GMO ingredients?

We take care to use organic and non-GMO ingredients whenever possible. However, we don’t currently guarantee that all of our ingredients are certified organic or non-GMO. We can guarantee that our high-quality ingredients are always free of additives, chemicals, artificial ingredients, and avoid refined sugars.

Why can't I get my meals delivered on a certain day of the week?

Where are your meals are cooked

We make our meals in our commercial  kitchen in Long Island New York.  Our  meals are prepared in small batches but our equipment is well-suited for large-batch production.

How can I contact you?

There are a few ways to get in touch with us.  Our Customer Care team is ready to answer your questions. You can call us at 631-750-6410 or email us: